II. Love Definitions

We cannot limit the real love definitions. Many couple of love,many love definitions too. It depends on them to limit.
Here are some love definitions that I have found:

  •  Love is the greatest feeling to care, worry, miss and need some one very much.
  •  Love is the understanding between man and woman.
  •  Love is a special feeling to make man and woman think that everything is only one.
  •  Love is being to tie the knot very close both man and woman.
  •  Love is believable, confidence, and honest with the one you love.
  •  Love is struggle, doing everything to leave from selfish, doing for the one you love gets the most satisfy and happiness.
  •  True love is forward to get married but it is not for the time when they are not yet ready.
  •  True Love dares to do everything for their meeting at the end of result.
  •  Love is the nature of happiness and the nature of sadness between man and woman.
  •  Love is a snare that nature courts man and woman to reproduce human increase.
  •  Love is waiting.
  •  Love has three main parts to link together:

o  Knot of sex (focus on their beauty, attractive, good looking…..)

o  Knot of wisdoms and arts (focus on them who have the same characteristic, hobby, preference, fun or modesty….)

o  Knot of true love (struggle, patient, defeat all obstacles of your love, abandon…)

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